One of the things we love most about the small town of Slinger is our even smaller neighborhood. There are 26 houses and 1 entry, which also serves as an exit. We are so fortunate that most of our neighbors are actually our friends. Mary Grace, our two year old, would tell you that the two ladies down the street are her grandmothers far away from home. Our other neighbor could easily be labeled as one of Mary Grace’s aunts. We have neighborhood parties. We have impromptu gatherings. It really is a unique and special place.

The Hofmans happen to be one of those families we appreciate and cherish, and I was delighted when they asked me to take their family photos.

Let’s face it: family photos are always fun. But there’s something even sweeter when you have a little girl cooing over her puppy. Charlie’s face lit up every time she saw Louie. I’m sure she loves her mommy and daddy dearly, but her puppy knew how to make her smile. I had so much fun hiking the Hofman’s favorite trails to capture their beautiful family.